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BE NICE...I am 190 lbs due to depression of 2 miscarriages. I am on the verge of starving myself,I feel awful.

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    First of all, let me say I am SO SORRY about your miscarriages. Having two is unbearable, I can't even imagine.

    Your depression is totally understandable. You have experienced not one but two traumatic experiences. You would be best off going to see a psychologist. Therapy will help you come to terms with this. If you want to be on medication for depression, then you will need to see a psychiatrist.

    Some meds can actually help lessen your appetite, which could help you lose weight. With diet and exercise, weight loss will make your spirit soar. You will be motivated to get as fit as you want. Do it the healthy way, and your results will be long lasting.

    Best of luck!

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    Miscarriages are one of those things that we culturally ignore. We assume that having even one means something's wrong. It's actually very common, about a third of pregnancies end in miscarriage by the 2nd trimester. It's very common for a woman to miscarry up to four times in a row before a successful pregnancy.

    Talk to your OB/GYN about options. Actually, you might consider talking to a therapist about your feelings to let you work through them a bit. Losing a pregnancy, even one early on can have a pretty profound psychological impact, and that should be addressed.

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    Don't starve yourself. You won't lose any weight. That's not really that heavy, and I think part of your depression is low self esteem. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and try to find joy in your everyday life. If you're still having trouble, see a doctor, really they can help. Good Luck!

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    first.: eat right, eat from all your main food groups, try planning out you meals so you eat healthier, if you go out get sandwiches and healthy stuff.

    second: exercise, go swim that great exercise, go running or for a walk, or do some push ups, sit ups, & crunches. try looking at a local book store for weight loss books or even healthy recipes

    third : look at your self int mirror everyday and say i am beautiful and believe it. Focus on the stuff you like about your self not the negative!

    good luck

    work hard and never give up!!


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    i would talk to a psychiatrist about your depression first. losing two children has to be difficult. tackle that first, then concentrate on losing weight...the healthy way. i'm sorry for your loss.

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    Go see your OBGYN, they may be able to get you on medication to ease your depression.

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    SO WHAT IS THE QUESTION? You need to diet and exercise, there is no easy solution!

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