How can I stop binging?

In the beggining of summer I started an exercise routine and a diet program to get into shape and into a better weight. I've lost about 8 pounds so far, and instead of gaining weight on my trip to paris, I lost some. Now that I'm back, I seem to be binge eating a lot. In the past two hours or so, I've eaten a bowl of cereal,three cookies, and a slice of cheesecake. I do this every day, more or less.

How can I stop? I've gained two pounds already.

I'm 15 by the way.

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    1 decade ago
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    You need to find something that you like doing as much as eating that is not worse.

    Idle hands are the work of the Devil is true.

    Your diet needs to be balanced so you can have a cookie or two and your exercise needs to be enjoyable, or at least not painful.

    Then you need a hobby that does not include food.

    sounds like you could use some patents that tell you to get out of the frig.

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    I think the minute you put yourself on a diet is when people start having a bad relationship with food, like you are finding now. So I would advice stop dieting now tell yourself you can eat whatever you like and you will stop obsessing about food because you've changed psychologically how you are approaching losing weight.

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    everytime you look at something you want to eat, stop and think,"am i really that hungry" or "im going to get fat if im going to eat this"

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