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supernatural shiz! Do you believe in GHOSTS!

I am fully convinced that the spirit world is real. i am 27yrs old and in my short exsistence i have experienced some paranormal activities. In the places i have lived in, in some work places.... eg. hospitals. and other random locations. I am a pretty straight forward and easy going kind of guy.. with a sound mind. Soooo i know im not crazy and im not on drugs... Can anyone relate? ever had an extrodinary encounter? Any feed back would be great. share a story.............?

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    Well I myself haven't really encountered (seeing) a ghost or spirit (that I can remember of) but my mom's house is very "active" so to speak. My family has told me that when I was about 4-5 yrs old (now 28) I was petrified to go down the long narrow hallway that leads from the bathroom to the living room and my room. I would stay on the side where the bathroom was and cry while pointing down the hall towards the door of my room saying "The man is right there!!" Turns out other people that have been to my house had also seen it, and when they described him and what he was wearing, my mom, sisters and brothers flipped out. It was there dad, my mom even had a picture (put up in a photo album in the back of her closet) that showed what he was wearing. (my mom was widowed before i was born). As I got older, my family and I experienced a lot of wierd things, unexplained noises, shoes levatating, people talking in the living room in the middle of the night when we are all in our bedrooms (i was too scared to see who it was, but i asked in the morning, and everyone was asleep!), also the feeling that someone is touching you, doors swinging back & forth when there was NO wind whatsoever, but I had not SEEN anything, thank goodness!! My mom, sister and brother did though, and again it was their dad. Although my bro did see something that wasn't his dad float by a window inside while he was outside with a bunch of his friends. He was so scared, he slept on the floor in my sister's bedroom! (he was 18-19). All through high school, I had some friends that were afraid to come in my house too because they had seen a man floating by the dining room/kitchen area. They thought it was my bro at first, but my bro wouldn't even be home at the time. This house scares the sh*t out of me and til this day, i don't feel comfortable in that house at all, i hate it there!

    Source(s): Mind you i was very young when a lot of these things happened, so don't think i was high on drugs or something, LOL. oh and by the way YES I DO BELEIVE!! and thanx for answering my question as well.
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    I can relate to what you are saying. Yes Ghosts do exist tho some individuals feel differently. I am a sensitive so I have felt & seen & heard the unexplainable since I was a child. When I was younger I thot I was losing my mind & yes it used to scare me. But as I became a teenager I began reading on the Supernatural & began to understand why this was happening to me. Also, for years my parents denied these feeling's I was having then as I became an adult my mother admitted the truth to me. My Grandmother was a Clairavoyant & my mom like me were similar gift wise. All my sibling (6 total) have the gift as well. I have had dreams come true the very next day & everything that took place in the dream as well as conversation took place word for word. I have smelled smoke while I was at a restaurnat & it turned out my kitchen cupboards at home had caught on fire from a pan of oil that was burning on the stove. I have sensed danger at various places & knew to leave that area. I have felt & seen ghosts, poltergeists, entities in the past. I have been through a lot. I basically grew up surrounded by the Supernatural. It is all very real.

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    Yes, I believe in sentient ghosts - and other forms of hauntings.

    Luckily I don't see them apart from once when something floated through my room very slowly. I was more amazed than frightened. I got within 2 feet of it. yes - gray mist in a solid shape - with a definate dark eye at the front. got to look around 3 sides of it before it slowly went straight into the opposite wall.

    I also get flashes from the past. I stayed at a mansion house a year ago for a week with my family. Boy was that place active. My partner was pushed down the stairs twice, and electrocuted once. The kids were terrified of a tapestry in a glass frame - which they said was moving. I saw a flash of boys playing cricket - and breaking a low window - sure enough on closer look that pane had been replaced about 100 years ago - with old glass. The boy got the strap for it holding onto a dresser. (psychometry again)

    Another time I was in a coffee shop - I saw what looked like primative dentristry from 100 years ago - lots of white bowls full of bloodstained rags - and primitive surgery without any anaesthetics. I had to know more on this one. I researched for 2 weeks. The property was used by a surgeon dentist in 1853 for 5 years. It was cosest to the town slums, and was a back street surgeon & abortionists. He disapeared to California in the gold rush, and I found his decendants in the US.

    It's good you can find hard evidence to such "intuition".

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    If you are crazy then I am too, and I don't believe I am crazy. I am educated and have a Faith that I live by.

    I have had a few experiences that I have over the years that have convinced me that there is way more to the universe than our small brains can comprehend.

    I met an angel. I have had a near death experience. I have gotten some amazing answers from God/Creator/higher power.

    My youngest son died six years ago at the age of 21. He sets off my alarm clock when it is turned off- it will buzz, usually at times when I need a nod from him saying that I will ok and he is doing well.

    I dated an electrician and he told me to throw out the alarm clock cuz he felt it was evil.

    My son has given me a full day of pennys found in amazing places. I told him that I wouldn't believe it was him until I find one in the most unthinkable place. There it was face up centered under my window.

    The window almost goes to the floor, To get a penny there spaced centered and face up just moments after I out loud asked my son to show me one more penny in an amazing place.

    I have sensed spirits good and bad. I have seen shadows with no explanation. I can drive by a very old deteriorated ranch from the middle 1800's (I live in the area of the Gold Rush in California)

    I can sense the history. I can feel the people, it is like they are glad that someone is driving by and acknowledges their presence.I can feel pain and sorrow if the land is reflecting that. At times I want to stop my car and crawl over the fence & past the old barbwire and get close to the land and feel the people more. I can't even explain the power this has over me.

    I have give given messeges by two different people who have passed away.

    I often can see a evil aura around a person in a crowd of people. There is nothing I can do about it.

    I have had some amazing premissions! Too many to tell.

    The biggest most amazing one was a visual awake picture in my brain of my son's burial. I kept thinking it was my death. When I sat at his grave it was just like the viision that ocasssionally saw so vividly in my brain.

    I tend to be at the right place at the right time when someone dies.

    I felt strongly to go visit my X mother in law for a short visit (I was compeled beyond my control to see her) and ended up being there for nine hours and gave her love and touch as she left this world to the next. I assured her that the light was good, I have seen it. I have been in the white light. It was a glorious and privledge to of been with her as she crossed. Not many people understand that I do well with people when they die. I never search this sort of situation out, it is like the road of my life goes to places without my control.

    In a dream I talked to a friend of mine who had died about 15 years ago. The dream as so completely real and profound that I have to believe it is true.

    I don't care if anyone thinks I am nuts, I know my own truth and I am assured that my paranormal experiences aren't all just in my head.

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    I 100% believe in the paranormal, such as ghosts. Many people have caught evidence of ghosts/spirits, however there are so many people who put out fake evidence, that you can't really prove yours is real. I think as years go on, more and more people are beginning to have paranormal experiences and beginning to believe in it. Trust me, I know you aren't on drugs (lol) that's what people tell me all the time when I tell them stories : )

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    I have encountered so many paranormal experiences throughout my life. I am a Paranormal Investigator. My entire life has been filled with paranormal phenomena. so yes... i definitely believe.

    Source(s): Paranormal Investigator
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    They are scientific mysteries. Just like how the Aztecs thought that that really really bright thingy in the sky was a god, we americans think that supernatural or paranormal phenomenon is a ghost related to the "spirit world" or something.

    In due time we will know what it it, if religious bigots would get off our throats

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