what is your biggest wedding horrow story? I just read an article that really made me luagh lol

ill share one I have a long term b/f whom I live with I know his family very well at his cousins wedding I yacked all over someones foot in the bathroom.............EMBRASSING!! Dont drink cheap whine at weddings lol!!

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    Um...my own wedding! LOL! A ton of things went wrong, My father's back went out, so he couldn't get in or out of the limo, my flower girl, didn't like the taste of communion wafers, so she spit it on the floor, the unity candle wouldn't light!, the sent us the wrong limos, the florist got the date wrong so they had to rush my flowers to the church and the hall, I was sick as a dog, sinus infection/bad nausea/dizzy spells, OMG, I just wanted to puke or pass out! Anything else? No I think I just about covered it. I wouldn't mind a do-over! The reception was nice though, although we did have alot of complaints because it was a non-smoking wedding..oops. Oh well! That was that~!

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    LOL... ugh ...I'll remember that!!

    When I got married, I got kind of drunk at the reception and passed out inthe limo on the way to the hotel we had for the weekend so my poor husband didn't get any on our wedding night!! I felt so bad. I'm a lightweight drinker hahahahaha

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    Wow that was very embarrassing.. You should post a link to that article.

    I'm not married yet but at my future aunt in law's wedding, everyone got very very very drunk. My fiance's family thinks that wedding means get as drunk as you can and doing nothing but literally drink all night and get so drunk that you either throw up, pass out/fall down or have to be taken to the ER. My FIL to be got so drunk that he started hitting on the bride (his sister) and then threw up on her dress.

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    The photographer had them pose during the wedding. Just waved at them to pause and had them pose. (This in addition to walking all over the church to take snaps during the wedding.)

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