How do you become a runescape moderator?

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    my sis says that you should never call anyone a noob witch i dont so thanks the people who are answer now i'm trying to be a mod

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    You can become a Runescape moderator if you always play by the Runescape rules and help catch the rule-breakers. All you have to do is report every rule-break you see and you might become a Runescape moderator.

    But don't expect to become one so fast, if at all. And NEVER ask Jagex to promote you to a moderator because that will only completely lower your reputation with them and they'll never make you one (if you want to be one so bad).

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    How to Become a Player Moderator on RuneScape

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    Jagex has two forms of moderators that players can become.

    Forum Moderators assist Jagex in policing its forums. Having a positive presence in the forums by following the rules and code of conduct for the forums; and being helpful to other players posting on them will help you become one. Note that only members can become Forum Moderators as the forums are a members only feature.

    Player Moderators assist Jagex in policing the game itself. Following the in-game rules, reporting accurately, and having a positive presence in-game will help. Both free players and members can become Player Moderators.

    In all cases, having a secure account (never having to recover it, recovery questions set, bank PIN set, and hard to guess password of both numbers and letters) will also help you in becomeing a moderator. Moderators get very important tools and features that can cause trouble in the wrong hands.

    Asking Jagex Moderators (employees of Jagex) will lower your chances of becomming one. Jagex also does not accept recommendations for players to become moderators.

    Becomming a moderator can take a some time so patience is a virtue. Some get it in as little as six months while it takes years of proving yourself for others.

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    to become a jagex mod, you have to report every illegal thing you see in the game. you must also never get black marks yourself for doing anything wrong. if you report enough people for doing actual bad stuff, jagex may make you a moderator.

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