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have no BEST friends what to do?

Im a 15 yr boy ,I have alot of people that i talk to,but i basically walk the halls like a ghost walking alone during breaks and before school,hiding in the library during lunch im scared that some of the people that i talked to find out that im somewhat alone and the other people that I talk to all have thier other cliques that they hang out with. Im soo scared that I might be alone forever,, and most sports tryouts start in the winter HELP!

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    i feel sorry to hear something like that happened to you...

    I think you should try to be yourself and try to be more open-mined to the others

    Invite someone to go out with you ,you will find something more interesting.

    I also didn't have a lot of good friends when I was at highshool and middle school but trust me you will find your serious friends at collegue.

    So for now just try to be optimistic and try to open your heart to the others you will find the real one

  • I was just like that threw my entire high school. I ended up retiring from being a nurse and became a vet. I married a wonderful man 37 yrs ago and still married to him. Maybe you are trying too hard. Join some after school groups or clubs. Ask a few over to your house. Do you have a computer or gameboy or something like that? Start your own gameboy club or something like that.

    The kids that are loners or so called nerds are generally the smartest people and have the gift to see people for who they are esp. ones who have their own little cliques. They generally dont succeed in life either. So dont worry about them. Be a leader and not a follower. I wish I knew what I know now, and knew it back when I was young. So take it from someone who has been there. As they say, been there done that. Start your own group. Find out what kids like games and make fliers. Have a meeting place, like your house.

    You would be surprise there are others like you and they are just waiting for someone to come along and tell them they are special. Let it be you. Dont hide in the shadows, come out into the sunshine and start your own club. Something kids your age loves example computers and games. Or a going green club. Anything.

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    You should invite some of the people that you talk to to hang out with you sometime outside of school. Instead of hiding in the library why not go to lunch and sit down with one of them? Don't be scared to be outgoing or to approach people. They might be just as scared about talking to you.

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    Try to join a club or a sport. You'll meet other people who are interested in the same thing. It's all up to you.

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    i dont have a best friend either i thought i did but i didnt really like her *sigh* but dont go looking for a best friend b/c a best friend is someone who you click with maybe try to talk to more people but dont target someone to be your best friend try to talk to people who arent as clicky and dont mond haing another person join them hope i helped

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