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19 weeks pregnant, what should I do?

Sorry if you've read this question before, this is the third time Ive questioned about this same subject, only because this is my first pregnancy and Im a little over protective. I was having bad churning pains in my tummy, and then they went away. They came again 2 days later with horrible diahrea. Ive had the diahrea since monday now and I thought it was getting better earlier but as soon as I ate lunch i realized I was wrong. Anyways, I called my doctor and she says she thinks its a mild case of e-coli or salmanilla (sp?) or just some sort of bacteria infection, and not to take anything because I need to let it run its course and get out of my body, not stay in there where it could harm me more. Well anyways, I have several questions, so answer them all or most if you can. if it continues, how many more days do you guess it will take? When should I be worried again? And also, what can I eat to make it harden? Do you think I should just not eat for a little or would that be bad for baby? Or do you think either way I'll still have the diahrea? Also should I stick to water or do you think I should be drinking other things to put nutrients back in my body? Sorry for all the questions, my doctors office is closed now that I thought of them lol. Thanks for all your help...

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    If you in general suffer from diahrea then i don't think there is anything you can do because of the pregnancy. Try to avoid eating meat and eat veggies or drink fruit juice as much as you can but never stop eating cause you have to put nutrients to your body. And if you see your doctor about this wouldn't be a bad idea either. May be he will advice you something else. Good luck and Congrats.

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    It should only be a few more days, and if it continues beyond the weekend, I would call the doctor again. You don't want to get dehydrated.

    It is ok if you don't eat for a while. Not for a LONG time, but if you don't feel like eating, it's ok. Your baby will be fine, because she will steal the nutrients from you. You just have to start eating right as soon as you feel up to it to replenish your own body.

    When I was sick (gallstones) and pregnant, I would often drink juice instead of water because it tasted better (especially coming back up, but that's another story), and it had some nutrients in it. It could, however, make diarrhea worse to have that much juice. What you could do is mix it with equal parts water. You could also try something like propel or gatorade to rehydrate yourself. Just make sure to keep drinking something so you don't get dehydrated.

    Good luck. Get some rest and try to feel better.

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    I had the flu when I was 37 weeks pregnant and vomited for 2 days straight then had diarrhea. I didn't eat for those 2 days and just had to let it run its course. I know it is hard not to worry, but if your doc isn't concerned then you should be ok. Try and keep as much water down as possible to avoid dehydration...Good luck!

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