ok i hurt my toe afew days ago by bending it backwards, and now it hurts so much! should i see a doctor? HELP!

its red, cant walk on it, and its puffy. doctor no doctor, sprain or no sprain. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would say that you should see a doctor.

    The only sure way to know if your toe is broken is to have it X-rayed.

    But, in the meantime....

    Rest your foot and elevate your leg to relieve the swelling.

    Apply and ice pack to your toe. The blue ice kind that are soft and squishy and will wrap around your foot.

    Take an ant-inflammatory over the counter medicine such as aspirin or Motrin.

    I have included a link with a video on broken toes for you.

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    Yeah, might as well see the doc. They can't do much for a broken toe, they just tape it to the one next door. But if its swollen, the Dr might need to cut it off.

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    ok this happened to me

    ts def not broken

    but see a doctor anyway

    its gonna hurt for about 2 weeks

    either way. you should tape or wrap it up

    if you bump it or accidentally hit it

    its gonna hurt like hell

    use alot of bengay or icy hot or whatever

    asprin helps...i massaged mine everyday too

    it made it numb to pain

  • 1 decade ago

    you probably tore a tendon.

    that happened to my sister.

    it might be sprained it might be torn.

    i WOULD go to a doctor.

    they might give you a set of foot exercises to do to heal and such.

    put icyhot and ice and a wrap bandage.

    then go to a doctor.

    best of luck to u.

    hope it gets better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If it hurts you so much that you cant walk on it you should see a doctor.

    Source(s): Been there done that.
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