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How do you do a star on myspace?

kinda like the ♥ cuz i see my friend doing it all the time and she wont tell me how!!!! : (

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    & #9733 ; solid star

    & #9734 ; star outline

  • Blah
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    Use these codes.

    ★ = & #9733 ;

    ☆ = & #9734 ;

    Remove the spaces.

    Put those codes where ever you want that star to appear. I'm not sure if the codes will work on MySpace. If the codes don't work, you can try highlighting and copying the (picture of the) special character and pasting it where ever you want it to appear.

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    go to start menu botttom left of screen

    start.programs.acessories.system tools. character map

    there's a bunch there

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