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my item for sale is about to end... im happy with the price and i don't know what to do next...

im new to ebay... i read the fine print and stuff and its confusing...

so can anyone explain how a ebay transaction works when your the seller?

i do have paypal

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    As soon as the buyer makes payment for your item, it will show as paid on the icon next your sold item.

    You should log into your paypal account and under account activity it should show the buyers name. Click on the name and you will see his/her mailing adress. Then mail your item out to the buyer. Just make sure under paypal acount activity that the buyer paid you the correct amount.

    If they pay you quickly then you make want to click on the "leave feedback" icon in your ebay account area. Just say a little blurb about what you think of the buyer.

    Good luck.

    *Oh, and and the payment will automatically go on your credit card with paypal.

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    eBay will notify you on the final price of the selling item. EBay will automatically send out a invoice to the seller. If not, you will have to create the invoice through eBay/Paypal. Do not ship the item out until you actually have varify the fund is in your account. Check out the seller to making sure he/she is legit, read the feedbacks and verify the address (no foreign address or PO box). When the fund is nerified, use Paypal auto mailing function to create label and mailing cost via USPS. First find out how much the weigh of your item included packaging, include the copy of shipping invoice with the item. eBay/Paypal labeling also provide a USPS tracking number about this item for you and the buyer which is automated. You can track the item on the delivery date. (DO NOT alter the address on eBay file or direct corresponse with the buyer.)

    The fund will be remain in Paypal account until you request a redraw less commission fee to eBay.

    Good luck!

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    There are lots of tutorials that you can read on ebay, that can help. when the auction closes make sur the buyer pays for the item through paypal before sending it out. when the auction closes you will get an e-amil just follow the instructions.

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