Blackhead problem! Help please!

Okay well, I know this was a bad idea, so don't tell me, but i tried to pop a blackhead above my lip and it didn't work quite well as it did before and now I have a really red spot above my lip. How can I reduce to redness using some home remedies and reduce the irritation its causing me.

Also any home remedies for blackheads are appreciated for future use

Thank you in advance.


I already tried popping it haha so no thanks. Just need advice on decreasing the redness

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i know how you feel trust..use some natural ingredients and im sure you will see good results. they are, banana skin, honey, lemon juice, rose water, gram flour (mixed with honey and rose water or just natural water.)

    Also drink loads of water and wash face twice a day and don't keep picking or touching spots and use the ingredients separate or mix few of them they not harmful and when you wash face start by washing with hot water then cold.

    I cant explain to you what all of them contain or do scientifically even thou they have been proven but all i can say is they will work and make face cleaner and softer and get rid of spots and blackheads.. best one is honey and making paste of gram flour mixed with honey,rose water etc..

    i no how you feel and that but try it you got nothing to lose but best is if you make the paste use it twice a day and keep it cold in fridge or window. They will work just keep faith and stay away from alot of sun and keep hair away from face. Hope this helps because its helped me and alot of people i know in real and on here . BTW THE BEST ONE TO GET RID OF THE REDNESS IS BANANA SKIN OR HONEY X HONEY WILL WORK VERY GOOD AND MAKE SKIN SMOOTH IN END AS WELL AS GET RID OF SPOTS AND BLACKHEADS X

  • anthia
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    4 years ago

    Try St. Ives peach scrub. It has little microbeads in it and it helped me. I get tons of black heads on my nostril and chin. Also Oil of Olay had this mouse face wash. I particularly like that. It's very soft and it additionally has microbeads. And it aid to diminsh the illusion of pores, that is frequently a prob for the ones folks with b/h disorders. Good good fortune.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yuck! i did that too once!! itll be red and have a bump for about 2 days, but then it goes away, and i havent gottenone there since!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try popping them after you get out of a hot shower.

    if they dont pop stop trying

    or you could put a hot cloth over your face so your pores open..then try popping them

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