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xbox 360 wireless headset problem.

i bought a wireless headset a few days ago.when i turn it on i can hear the other players fine but the mic on mine seems to not work.when i blow into it it works but when i try to talk normaly it wont let it work.i dont know if its a problem or if its ment to be like that. please help

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    Some things you could do:

    1. Make sure your mike is close enough to your mouth when talking, of course :P

    2. Try recharging the headset again.

    3. Check that you've connected the mike to your controller fully.

    4. Try connecting the mike to a different controller, if you have one.

    5. If all doesnt work and you don't have a wired headset, connect it to the Xbox 360, turn it on and check if it works.

    If it still doesn't work, you should contact whoever/wherever you bought the mike from, because apparently it's not working. I hope you didn't get it from Ebay...

    Source(s): I own a wireless headset.
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    their must be slightly button on your headset that has 3 little waves next to it. their is likewise at the front of your xbox press the buttons jointly so your xbox can connect on your xbox

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