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isit the mirror that isnt acurate?

i dont know how to spell accuret by the way. anyway, when i look at myself in the mirrow i think that i look smaller than what i do in like a reflection of a window. like i think that when i look in to the windwo at night, i look bigger than what i do in the mirror. what one shwps you right?

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    Get an erasable marker and look at your face in the mirror. Now outline your face. Step back 3 or 4 feet. The outline of your face will still fit perfectly over your face. In fact, you could move back as far as you want to and the outline would always be the same size as your face. Kind of amazing but that's what mirrors do. The image is always twice as far away as the outline.

    At night you do not have the backround to compare your image size with.

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    the mirror should be more accurate because a lot of windows of curves in them that can make you look bigger or smaller than you actually are

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