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What do I do about these Migranes?

I suffer from migranes and the over the counter medicine dosn't work. I had a migrane yesterday and then I got another one in the same day. Then this morning I woke up with the same one from yesterday then I got another one. So I had 3 at the same time. I can feel another one comming on now.

What can I do to ease the pain before I go to the doctor?

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    1 decade ago
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    Advil Migraine is what's working for me. I got one so bad I lost the sight in my left eye for about 2 mins. Very scary. The doc gave me Imitrex but the side effects are daunting to say the least (affects heart permanently). Cold compresses usually help, but takes a while. Tylenol does nothing, but use to help so think you can take too much and become immune to it.

    I've heard excedrin migraine works well too. Usually if you can vomit, it helps somehow. Fever few is said to work well and lower the severity. I certainly feel for you; they really really hurt.

  • anthia
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    4 years ago

    First of all migraines suck. I myself were getting them for the reason that I was once 12, they went away for a couple of years whilst I was once in my past due young adults early twenties however they're again worse than ever. I have many checks run, I did not have salt, I did not have chocolate or any caffeine. I have only a few meals triggers. I recognize targeted occasions of the month I am going to get a migraine( I am certain that's now not an quandary for you). Stress is a cause. I might defiantly speak for your DR and spot what medicinal drugs are nice for you, there are a few rather well ones available in the market at the present time. You would possibly have got to take a look at a couple of one of a kind ones earlier than you uncover ones that paintings, your DR must be capable to deliver you a few samples. Your Dr would possibly suggest this however you must preserve a migraine magazine, what you have been doing whilst you bought your headache, what you were consuming... it is going to support you to be taught your triggers. Also ensure your DR is inclined to support you, a buddy not too long ago informed me her DR acts like she has no anguish, I informed her she must transfer DRs. Last time I was once on the DR, she informed me that there is not any remedy for migraines, simply prevention... you have got to do what's nice for you and your prevention, there are even a few capsules you'll be able to take every day so one can preclude you from getting as many. Talk for your DR!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I've been suffering migraines for the past 6 years.

    I've been on medicine after medicine. Pretty much I was my doctors guinea pig for migraine meds. I saw several doctors and specialists. No one could give me a real answer. Tonnes of blood work and different tests and months of pure hell wondering if I actually had something way worse.

    I still don't know why I get them but I've noticed certain foods trigger them, also too much or too little of sleep will give me one.

    Dairy products can make them worse.

    Change your diet and get the proper amount of sleep you need.

    Massage your back between your shoulder blades and that will help the migraine to decrease in pain. Sometimes head massages work but they can also make it worse.

    The only OTC med that works for me is Motrin extra strength except that sometimes it makes me fall asleep which doesn't help me at all when I'm at work or in class. I also can't skip class because college is way too expensive and a class missed is not a good idea. I've just had to learn to live with them and you may need to do the same.

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    Wow. Sorry to hear this. Are you managing your migranes through meds? diet?

    Some people have relief from migranes when they move to a different altitude. Please do research on how diet affects migranes. Try to detox. Make sure you use a detox that will clean your blood stream. Blood is carried to all parts of the body (brain). This is the detox I use.

    Source(s): www.holyteaclub.com/tealiving
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    You should maybe get checked out...if the migranes presist and are out of the ordinary, you shouldn't ignore any kind of consistant really bad headaches. Not to scare you and maybe i watch too much 'House' but headaches that don't go away could be a sign of a tumor....it did me I had a pitutary benign tumor that was removed over a yr ago but it all started with a headache and consistant really bad migranes.

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    I really feel for you, as I've had migraines as well. They are awful!

    Among the non-prescription remedies, are Feverfew in the vitamin section, and Exedrin Migraine, but if you really want to get to the source and be rid of the migraine within 30 minutes, have the doctor prescribe Imitrex. It is really the only medication that worked for me when I experienced migraine headaches.

    Knock on wood- haven't had one in years.

    Good luck!

  • Judy B
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    1 decade ago

    Ibroprofen (Advil) is the best; it is OTC is some countries.

    See your doctor. There are prescription meds that you take daily for prevention and others that you take when you feel the headache coming on. You need to identify your triggers and try to avoid them. For many people it is weather change and unavoidable.

  • Chique
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    For migraines, there is an herb called Feverfew that you can take. You take it three times daily, and can take up to three pills at a time. While it's not as effective at treating migraines once they come on (it only takes the edge off), it can help prevent migraines if taken regularly. I highly recommend it.

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    Have you tried Excederin Migrane? It is the only thing over the counter that works for me. Good luck!

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    Fundamentally, you can give a patient soul-searching to find if you have been irritated/angered by something in life? Also unwanted urgencies may be triggering such attacks.

    Peace unto you asap!

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