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Is 16th and Federal in South Philadelphia a bad area?

I am thinking about renting a apartment in that area and wanted to know if it was a bad area, or just ok. Right now I live in Yeadon (suburbs) I like it but I would like to be closer to my mother in South Philly. If anyone lives in the South Philly area, or know of this area please provide your honest feedback. Best answer gets 10 points : -)

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    16th and Federal is not the WORST area in South Philly, which in turn is not the WORST area in Philly. That said I probably wouldn't recommend it. Since your mother lives there, the best resource you have is her, ask her if there is anything close that she would feel comfortable for you. Unfortunately, that area can be vastly different block by block.

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    SOuth Philly is the worst place to live. I used to live there. Now I live in the suberbs. I like Philly but some places are dangerous to live in. You need to go your self and see if the neighborhood is right for you. I would visit this website

    It tells you everything

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