Hey! Can I make you an outfit???

Tell me your:


Size *Optional*:


How would you describe ur style?:

Favorite Stores/Designers:

What's The Occasion (ex:back2school, date, etc.)

Accessories you like?:

What type of things would you like in your outfit?:

Favorite colors (in order):

Do you wear jeans, skirts, dresses (*For example, if you don't wear dresses say I don't wear dresses*):

Anything else you want me to know??:

I'll be online for a while if you have any fashion/beauty questions email or IM me!!!


Hey... sorry it's taking so long I'm making sure it doesn't go up too expensive so, ya.....I finished the first one, and I will be posting the links for the Boho Bags in a min....:



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Gender: Female

    Size *Optional*: 5'1, and 112 lbs... um, usually a 5 in juniors pants (i'm not fat, but my butt sticks out >.<)

    Age: 15

    How would you describe ur style?: normal/cute/tomboyish

    Favorite Stores/Designers: aero/a&e/macy's

    What's The Occasion (ex:back2school, date, etc.): casual date w/ guy friend to movies (want to look normal, but cuter)

    Accessories you like?: bracelets/headbands

    What type of things would you like in your outfit?: clothes! (jk) converse would be great :)

    Favorite colors (in order): blue/purple/green/red

    Do you wear jeans, skirts, dresses (*For example, if you don't wear dresses say I don't wear dresses*): i wear almost anything but anything really long

    Anything else you want me to know??: i'm Asian

    thanks so much!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gender: female

    Size *Optional*: 0-3, depending on the store

    Age: 16

    How would you describe ur style?: indie, mod, vintage, slightly hippie/bohemian, natalie portman, kate hudson

    Favorite Stores/Designers: urban outfitters, lucky brand, forever 21, charlotte russe, h&m

    What's The Occasion (ex:back2school, date, etc.): back to school, everyday

    Accessories you like?: anklets, bracelets, necklaces, any hippie/retro/vintage accessories, rings, big bags, scarves

    What type of things would you like in your outfit?: shirts that hang down on one shoulder, spaghetti strap tops, skinny jeans, denim miniskirts, shorts, whatever is in style, flats, sandals, converse, gladiator sandals, casual dresses

    Favorite colors (in order): dark colors, neutral tones, with a dash of bright colors

    Do you wear jeans, skirts, dresses (*For example, if you don't wear dresses say I don't wear dresses*): yes, all

    Anything else you want me to know??: nope

    thank you!

  • 1 decade ago

    Gender : Female

    Size: M/7

    Age 16

    Style: Bohemian Glam/ Californian

    Stores: H and M Aeropostale charlote russe forever 21

    Back to school

    Sunglasses Handbags scarves

    Anything really

    Purple, Red, Green

    I wear anything but would not a dress for backtoschool

  • 1 decade ago

    gender: Female

    age: 15

    style: i love jeans and tees and polos. but i want to something else, look a little more classy, you know?

    fav. stores: holliter(can only take too much of it), hot topic, pac sun, department stores, areopostale, urban outfitters

    occasion: to find a new style for back to school

    accessories: bags, starting to like necklaces and bracelets

    things i like in an outfit: i like the accessories simple and the outfit unique.

    fav colors: blue, orange, green, brown(for clothing) red. pretty much the rainbow.

    i wear a lot of denim, i want to start wearing dresses that look good with/without jeans under them or leggings

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  • cohan
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    4 years ago

    To create an outfit, commence with some thing straightforward, like shoes or rings, etc. bypass to a keep web content and detect a pair of those straightforward products. (you will desire to purchase those throughout the time of the area just to basically remember to get it) Them bypass on your community mall and locate shirts that have a similar hues the straightforward piece has. some stable shops are Delia's, warm subject count number, moist Seal, etc. And easily each and every little thing is going with denims! wish I helped! ;o

  • 1 decade ago



    style--punk/emo with a lil bit of preppy

    stores--zumiez,charlotte russe, hot topic

    occasion--back to skool

    accessories--earrings and purse

    fave colors--black, dark blue, bright blue, turquoise, purple

    i wear--shorts, skirts, tees, layred camis [but has to be three fingers] *no dresses*

    extras--stripes are good, like bright color jeans, dark wash or light wash jeans [not inbetween],shorts and skirts atleast mid thigh, LOVE CONVERSE

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago




    beach casual, kinda preppy

    aeropostale, hollister


    cute earrings that have like a symbol or necklace with like an animal or something?

    jeans and a tshirt. maybe colored skinny jeans, like purple?

    i dont really need a dress

    thats it :-)

  • 4 years ago

    First of all, I love the skirt!!! People inform me I have nice lower limbs but I still don't wear shorts

  • Marvin
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    4 years ago

    I really like long skirts. My bf wants the brief ones. So my closet is loaded w/ 1/2 and 1/2.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago




    stores--hollister, abercrombie, chanel, nike sneakers, jordan sneakers,

    accessories--sunglasses, ear rings, necklaces.

    favorite colors--navy, pink, lime green, baby blue, grey.

    jeans, skirts, and sundresses.

    i hate skinny jeans!!! i like flare jeans but not too much

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