I need help adding a plot twist to my story.

A teenage boy just moved in with a teenage girl an her parents because the boy's parents don't approve of the relationship and they were going to move the boy away from her. I now need something to spice up my story. Any ideas?

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    Try working on the relationships between the boy and her parents and play on why the boys parents didn't approve. do they know something about this girl that he doesn't, does something about their son mean they want to keep him out and away from relationships or is there some kind of family feud between the parents?

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    How about the boy and the girl go swimming at the beach one day, and while they're playing around/flirting with each other, a hungry shark comes out of nowhere and sinks its teeth into the boy's leg, refusing to let go. The girl, now scared out of her mind, quickly runs for help, getting the lifeguard's (and curious onlookers') attention. They get there too late, however, and the boy is pulled under the sea and dies. The police then arrive and examine the scene (which consists of nothing more than the boy's leftover blood/body parts), and of course, the case makes the local (if not national) news. Then, when the boy's parents find out that he was spending time with that girl, they take the girl's family to court...where all hell breaks loose!

    Now of course, I'm not really expecting you to use this in your story; this was just an example of the kinds of ideas when you brainstorm a bit. That's one part of writing you'll have to learn more of--being creative and original (especially if you're writing ficiton)-- coming to Yahoo! Answers and asking people to give you advice on your plot won't help with that.

    Well, I hope this answers your question a bit, or, at least, gives you a better idea of where you want you sory to go. KEEP WRITING! =D

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  • The teenage boy and the teenage girls mom have a fling.

    The teenage girl ends up pregnant.

    The boys dad and the girls dad get into it and one ends up killed.

    There are many crazy things that could happen, just keep thinking creative, it will come to you, good luck.

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    They find out the the girl's father and the boy's mother are having an affair and are planning to kill the boy's father and the girl's mother so they can get married and inherit the boy's father's millions.

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    pete?oh regardless of. make the witch tell him that to be freed from the curse, he might desire to maintain 20 wandering lives. ghost which could not make it into the after existence because of the fact of suicide and how they have been harm in existence. so pete has to make certain what got here about that made them dedicate suicide,(which could be frightening stuff) and then bypass returned in time and examine out to convince them to stay their finished lives. on the top, the 20 th existence seems to be the instructor and he might desire to locate a thank you to maintain her yet this one is the toughest and all inspite of the undeniable fact that he tries his superb, she nonetheless dies. he's caught the way he's, and upon feeling like a failure, he kills himself. if u choose a happpy ending, make the instructor have a metamorphosis of heart or make pete magically in simple terms turn returned.

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    the boy's parents threaten legal action

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