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How do I get Mocha vnc lite to work outside of my house?

Im using a macintosh, the vnc works fine when i use my houses router. But I want to be able to acess my computer away from home using an Iphone. How do I do that?

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    You will have to forward port 5900 to the computer you wish to connect into. This is done at your router. (you can set the port within VNC but the default is 5900).So you have to set the router to forward all traffic on port 5900 (from the internet) to the NAT IP of your computer.

    So from your computer, login to your router, find the Applications/Gaming or Port forwarding section (some routers call that Virtual Servers) Set port 5900 (TCP and UDP) to go to your Mac's IP address on the local network. You will need to know what IP your mac uses on your local system. (You will find it more reliable if you set a static IP on your Mac for the local system.) If your router has a "firewall" you will also need to allow the VNC program!

    If you tell us what router we can be more specific. Or you can visit for tips on port forwarding.

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