Kinda weird question... How do you know where...

Your cervix is? I read about people checking it to see if it's changed (due to pregnancy).. Like lower, higher, softer, firmer.... Where is it? How do I find it? and what does it mean if it's low and soft? or high and firm? or vise versa??


And when your pregnant?? What does it feel like?

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    Ok first of all the easiest 2 ways to feel for your cervix is to either squat or sitting on the toilet once you choose which way you want to feel for it stick with that position so that you can acuratly keep track of what it is doing. OK once you've determined that you want to insert your middle finger (bc it is the longest finger) into your vagina and push it in there till you feel a bump you may have to push your finger in there quite a bit depending on what CD your on but once you feel that bump then you want to feel around it push on it a bit to feel how soft/hard it is and the opening if you've never had a child will just feel like a dimple more than an opening, but take note of how "open" it feels as best you can. The more you do it the faster it will be cking it and you won't even have to think about it. I hope this helps

    also try these links they may help too...

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    The Cervix is in your vigina. It's kind of feels rounded I guess and has an indent in it. when you are not ovualting the cervix is low in the vagina,firm (like the tip of your nose) and the opening is closed ( feeling like an indent). As ovualtion approaches the cervix will rise higher and become softer. The opening also becomes more open ( like a finger tip kinda open). also your cervical fluid will change as well from being dry (not ovulating)-egg white and strechy(during ovulation)

    Source(s): The book taking charge of your fertility
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    Ok if you stick a finger inside you will feel it. At the Os if it is soft (like the lips on your face) and high you are fertile. If it is firm (like the tip of you nose) and low you aren't fertile.

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