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Should I Waste My First Kiss??

okay so im 14 and im going into Highschool this year and i have not had my first kiss yet. I am totally in love with this girl i am trying to win over. I THINK i have an ok chance of getting her sometime in highschool. But this other girl wants to like make out with me on the first day. I feel like i want to save my first kiss for my special girl and she hasnt had her first kiss either so it would be pretty special for us. Me being a 14 year old boy, it is pretty obvious I want to make out with girls thats how we guys think. I just want to know if i should like waste my first kiss on this girl i dont have feelings for or save it for the one i really have feelings for... its hard to decide. please help

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    Obviously save it for the girl you have feelings for! Don't just waste it.

    Your first kiss is special. You don't want to look back at it, thinking: "yea... I regret sharing my first kiss with some girl I don't have feelings for instead of that special girl..."

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    Oh my God!

    When i was 14, four years back.......... i was not as stupid as u r now.

    U Idiot!'s better that u don't have the first kiss with a special girl coz many people end up jst puffing up their mouths at the first kiss like i did......

    U need to have experince for a kiss the angle the speed and the pressure to put on... i don't want u'r first kiss to end up like my did pracice the first one with a girl not so special to u and when u have an experience of atleast one time then go on for a special girl.

    And my friend if u think that the first kiss of a person has got some speaciality in it and is most memorable then i will say that it is an idea u have got frrom the cartoons......come on u r 14 now.

    The most memorable kiss is the most perfect one ..............remember!

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    well it depends..... if they both want to kiss u, u dont want to kiss the girl u have no feelings for and break the one u like's heart.

    well on the other hand if u kiss this girl u'll practice. but it would be wasting ur first kiss. but if u don't u might come across as inexperienced.

    do what u think is right. i would kiss someone i have feelings for

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    Save the kiss.

    When you look back on it later would you want to know that your first kiss was just something you did and meant nothing, or look back and see how much it meant for you and this girl you like.

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    ohk wellsz im a 16 year old who as had my first kisz and i wud advise yuh to keep yuh first kisz for someone special because your first kisz is special. n itsz even mor special when yuh share it wif the one you want and not sum randum person.. yuh can never get yuhr first kisz bac n if itsz dun wif somone datsz not special it'll feel wasted.. trust me i wasted my first kisz.. n itsz not somthing yuh want to do n think about it yuh can kisz many gurlsz after havin yuhr first kisz wif the one yuh want =]

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    if you know that she wants to also.

    i mean if the relationship is going at a good direction.

    then go for it.

    but ya never want to rush things to fast after a kiss.

    ya know .

    just keep it simplee.


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    Save it bud, there are more girls out there.

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    complicated subject. do a search on a search engine. it may help!

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    no wait for the speical girl. :)

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