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I was reading a site that said the Target Brand formula is comparable to Similac. Has anyone else tried this? The site was pretty low key, but cool. Just curious.


Thanks! You guys should contact the website so they can update with all the other formula's that work. I know these days there are a lot of parents out there that want to save, but not skimp on important stuff when it comes to their babies!

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    YES! I used to use Nestle Good Start, but then I tried Walmart's Parents Choice (which is the exact same thing as Target's brand, just in a different can). My son likes that just the same and it's like half the price. It's a real money saver. There is nothing wrong with store brand formula, they all have to meet the nutritional guidelines.

    I think the store brands are all manufactured in the same place, and just put in different can's for the store it's going to. I've used Parent's Choice, Target brand, and our grocery store brand (Publix here in FL) and the formula has the same texture and feel for each one. It's all the same stuff.

    I say go for it. Give it a try and save some cash!

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    When my second was on formula we used Target brand and his ped. said it was perfectly fine. The back of the can has all the ingredients and amounts listed. If you're still concerned, go to the store and compare the can of Target brand to Similac or some other name brand to see which one it's closest to.

    Source(s): mom of 4 and 2 year old boys and 33 weeks with baby girl!
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    i agree, all infant formula has to meet minimum and maximum FDA standards and most generic store brands are made by the same company ( i think its like pb or something) so if you find one that works with your baby I say go for it. I actually liked the target generic enfamil kind. But I since have moved on due to severe reflux. Here is a site from the FDA about infant formula and store brands

  • hi! i currently use similac sensitive and tried a can of parents choice sensitivity formula on olivia and had a bad experience...she got severely constipated/impacted...

    however...dont let my experience stop you from trying to save $.every baby is different, my olivia just has to stick with the similac...

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    all formulas wether brand name or not have to be up to standards.. so yes they are correct

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