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Just curious about what they would sell for...

I don't plan on selling them but I am curious about what they would go for in other areas. I rescued them about 6 weeks ago and the former owner (who had closed his office) has sent off for copies of the registration papers.

I was told:

Lyla is a fleabitten grey Straight Egyptian Arabian, 7-8 years old. Rode good but shied out from under the rider sometimes. Never shown. Also was told her sire was a Russian import and her granddam was sold for $2 million. She has an anxious personality and shies easily but is a people pleaser.

Marlie is an 10 year old, chestnut Arabian (maybe Crabbet or Polish from the looks of her). Never shown. Was a child's (12- 14 years old) horse when she was 5 years old but the child moved away. Is calmer than Lyla but is more headstrong.

Neither have bucked. They have not been ridden in a year or more. However we have been brushing up their manners and they are coming along well.

I know that the area I live in is not big on Arabians (mostly QH and paints here). In fact there are no Arabians for sale in a 100 radius of my town on the major websites and only 3 in a 150 radius.

Looking at the idea of perhaps breeding in a year or two. I have only found 1 breeder in the area and she does maybe 1 a year. Might be a nitch here for Arabians. Just a thought about what they would go for if we went for it. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Both horses




Been looking at Straight Egyptians in the South and they go anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000 as yearlings and 2 year olds on the breeder's website. It just got me curious if my Lyla was worth that if I was told the truth about her pedigree. Same for Marlie.

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    though your mare is anxious i would try to find her breeder and find out from an arab person what they are worth you arent going to get a real straight answer on here what they are worth in the arab world. Im not going to put a price on them because i've never met or seen them go. But there are people who love arabs despite their temperment good luck

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    I live up north in CT and my friends neighbor has an arabian breeding farm and the horses have famous arabian horse names in there papers. There 2 year old arabian filly is worth $30,000 or more. I would guess the first one maybe $10,000 or more and the second one Under $10,000. The prices will ddepend on how well broke the are there dams and sires and what is on there papers ( ex. how well the horses did in showing and how well known like how THE HORSE KENNY RODGERS IS WELL KNOW IN THE PAINTS

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    I doubt they would get much. Both would probably be under $2,000.

    I also wouldn't breed the Arabian. She has an anxious personality and shies alot.

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    Nice looking horse and they sound great to ride and have around. I don't think that 1500 or $2500 would be out of line.

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    They are pretty good looking! I'd say nothing over four thousand, because even if they are looking good they are rescues....good for you for rescuing them, mines a rescue too.

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    They would not sell for much in todays horse market. Please do not breed them. You will end up with 4 horses you can not sell.

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