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can someone please explain "stop and stare" to me

by OneRepublic. i really like the song but i have no idea what it's about. can someone please explain it to me?


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    look for ashsugarz061

    he/she has a good answer

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    to me it kinda sounds like finding yourself. or trying to find yourself through other people or things. maybe its about realising how life can be. "stop and stare, i think im moving but i go nowhere" could mean like, trying to go in only one direction usually doesnt get you anywhere. you need choices. like have a variety of choices for life. this is just out of my perspective. good luck! ;D

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  • anthia
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    ummm i luv hat track and what i feel it is looking to say is that matters are taking place round you daily like a child being born, persons death , or simply doing grocery looking and in addition that hazard is round. This would possibly say that we simply give up and appreaciate the sector round us good that's what i feel and i'm really not definite whether it is handy :P

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    i think its about being confused in life like the lyrics : " stop and stare, you think your movin' but your going no where" and there are numerous others that give the same influence.

    hope that i helped you understand the song more x

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    I think it's about someone dying. Like "stop and stare i think i'm moving but I go nowhere".

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