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Do you know who Moloch is?

Any info. will do good...even insults. Thank you.

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    Molech, Melek, Milcom and Ba'al are all words (in various ancient languages) that translate to "The King". All of these words refer to the same Deity.

    The worship included the "passing of children through the fire" or the literal burning of infants in a religious ritual.

    The worship of The King is also accompanied by the worship of another deity called Ashtoreth, and the main aspect of this religion is the relaxing of sexual taboos so that multiple sexual partners and group sex are participated in. Those that worship Ashtoreth worship in a place called a "grove" which is a small forest of trees.

    The interesting thing about Molech, is that there are several occations where Fathers are sacrificing their sons, usually first born. Even the tradition of Christianity has this theme as its central focal point: that God so loved that world that he gave his only begotten son. Abraham did it with Issac (but was intercepted before it was completed) and the Father with Jesus.

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    God No! who could Moloch be? Wasn't he the one Brian Keith worshiped in The Dark Knight?

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    Yes, it is an Australian lizard whose scientific name is Moloch horridus which is commonly called the Thorny Devil

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    A character from Mortal Kombat.

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    Molech is the pagan god that some of the children of Israel decided to worship. They'd sacrifice their children to this god and think that it was pleasing because the children's seared face gave them the impression that the children were happy. (Yeah right, the kid is burning, like they'll really be happy)

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