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what is this song..? ( Country music)..?

I don't know who is it sung by or what is it name but I hope u do..

it goes like this " I wesnt the desert on a horse with no name .. it's a good feeling to be home again, in the desert......" and till here I know no more..

it's a country music with a happy music ..

it had been played once on " Friends" when Joe went to the desert of Las Vagas to get the leader part in a movie & when he reached there they told him the budget is not enough so they had to cancel the movie ..

Thanx ppl

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    GM is correct the song is HORSE WITH NO NAME by America...pop song from the 70's - not country. But it is a great song.

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    I particularly like "Watermelon Crawl" by means of Tracy Byrd "Mama Tried" - Merle Haggard And of direction we will be able to continually fall again on David Allan Coe's "You Never Even Called me by means of my Name"/"The Perfect Country and Western Song"

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    'Horse With No Name' by America

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