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Boy troubles. Please help me out if you can, I'm desperate!!

So, to sum it up..I'm crazy-in-love with this guy, and we dated for awhile, then broke up, but we've acted like a couple for the whole time we havent been together.When I tell him I'm moving on, he says he has feelings for me. But now, he tells me he has feelings for me, but his instinct is telling him to not go out with me. I dont get it? It sounds like he's stalling..but I dont know if I should wait or just start moving on? I really dont want to, I think him and I have come too far to be just friends..I dont want to lose him. I want him to be here as my boyfriend. It's either were together or were not at this point. I dont know what to do. Any suggestions as to what I should do? I really want him back, I've given up so much for him so far, and I dont want to give this up.

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    Why don't you just ask him. Ask him what he sees with you in the future and tell him to be real with you because you don't have time to play. Tell him that you do like him but your not gonna wait for him for your entire life and you just want to be told the truth. There is nothing wrong with a girl being totally honest. I mean that's what i would do. If you really like him why not ask him wuts going on? It's better to ask what he feels than to just sit back and not take action.

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