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What can happen if you pull a really really cruel prank on Yahoo answers?

My friend did a prank clamining that she was turning into a boy and claimed that she was being harrassed. But she was just joking and NOW PEOPLE ARE SAYING THEY WILL CALL THE POLICE!!!!! Can you help? What will really happen? Can you really call the police for a prank on yahoo answers? What is the worst that can happen? I NEED ReAL ANSWERS NOW AND Fast And if you dont know for sure then dont even answer

Here is her prank


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    First, you have to remember that yahooey (like all jew owned companies) is committed to transforming America into an informant society, similar to nazi Germany and communist Russia. That's the only reason they track IP addresses. We'll see a day when the 'police' will be dragging Christians away for chatting about Jesus Christ being the Messiah (the only one the world WILL EVER KNOW). After the false jews engineer martial law in America, they will have their lapboys begin enforcing the Noahide laws, which make it a crime to worship any false god. The jews consider Jesus Christ a false god.

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    drama drama drama.. get a better hobby.

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