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What should i name my hamsters?

I am getting 2 robotski dwarf hamsters (both male or female) on saturday. I want to name them as a pair like fish and chips... any ideas????


Oh and do you think robo. hamsters are a good idea i heard they are not always friendly but i want 2 and i would need to get robo. hamsters if i get 2

Update 2:

Oh and do you think robo. hamsters are a good idea i heard they are not always friendly but i want 2 and i would need to get robo. hamsters if i get 2

Update 3:

Dad wants me to ask what bedding to get as apparently sawdust is really bad for them. loads of questions hehe sorry and thanks 4 all the help i just signed up to this n this has been a help u all rock!

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    first of all: CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW HAMMYS!

    Second of all:

    here's some names:

    chocolate and chip

    salt and pepper

    may and june

    dopey and sleepy

    blackie and whitey

    those are the names off the top of my head.

    idk robotski dwarfs can be mean, but they can be nice too! u just gotta let them get used to you, and take care of them! dont scare them and keep them away from loud noises. this freaks them out!

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    Well, the names I came up with are not exactly common, but I'm not one for unoriginal names.

    Roast Beefy, Dr Lumbenstein, Mr Potatomato, Officer Mummy, Teabaggy, Flazzlepuff, Dr Bull, Lo Fat, Lovey Nookey, T. Fud, Pucker Tucker, or Spiddle

    Edit: My guinea Pigs name is Admiral Buttercrust Fang Wang Shermanbopper Funderbunk

    aka Mrs. Belcher Wack Wack

    But I call her GinGin for short.

    Second edit: Never use pine. Just ask the pet store/owner you got them from which type of wood chips they use and continue using that. Oh and never feed them Ice Burg lettuce. It's really bad for their digestive system. Romaine is preferred among most all rodents.

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    Actually, you could get two dwarf hamsters. If you want! I like the names:

    1. Oreo and Cookie

    2. Sugar and Spice

    3. Salt and Pepper

    4. Big and Little

    5. Black and White

    I hope this helps!

    Btw, You can also get two female Syrian hamsters if they are in the same cage at the store. Bye!

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    since you are wanting two of something then i suggest gerbils. they are more friendly, dont smell, dont bite, and love living in pairs. unlike a hamster they are up during the day so you can see them playing. they make great pets. they are very bold so they will be ready for you to hold them from day one.

    about the bedding-

    dont use sawdust, pine, or cedar shavings. use aspen or carefresh.

    Source(s): knowledgeable about hamsters gerbil keeper/breeder
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    Roborovskis are really sweet but they are very difficult to make them

    become really tame, they are also very very very fast, i think that cambells or winter whites are a better idea as they are a bit bigger and are more friendly....

    what about, Bubble and Squeak, Bill and Ben, umm

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    Micky and Minnie

    Daisy and donald

    Sugar and spice

    rock and roll

    Hip and hop

    Dusty and mop

    Jack and jill

    Romeo and Julliet

    Good luck.

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    robo hamsters are good, but i would consider russian dwarfs, i found them to be a lot friendlier. anyway if their boys i like steve and harvey. girls could be angelina and jolie. idk im not very good at naming animals. i use carefresh for my animals.

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    these are off the top of my mind

    1.)skipto 2.)mylou

    1.)chocoloate 2.)chip

    1.)rain 2.)cloud

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    pear, salt pepper, blackie whitey, cinderelle prince charming, June August


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