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Laws on carrying handguns outside of your home state

Is there any laws that restrict handgun usage outside of your home state, or is your handgun permit sufficient for any state?

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    A while back the NRA published a United States guide to CCW but it's probably outdated now. Email the State Police in the state you plan on traveling to.

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    As a cop I recommend you checking before carrying. Some states are stupid. (MA) I put a website below that might help. Make sure you are legal. Some state that have reciprocity offer non-resident permits. FL and NH are great examples.

    Some states allow open carry. (non-concealed) Check the link below.

    You can also check with you local PD and that can check the law for the states you are going through.

    Some things that throw a wrench in the spokes are vehicles that carry HazMat. If this doesn't pertain to you, feel grateful.!!!

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    Handgun permit?

    If you mean concealed weapon permit, in most cases the one you have for your home state will allow you to carry concealed in some other states. Check out the website below. Click on your home state and it will tell you what other states you can carry concealed in.

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    You have to obey the laws of the state you are in not the state you call home. Some states do recognize other states permits. Check this link from NRA should answer your questions.

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    this site should help but just remember if you are a truck driver who delivers into the Bronx at 4:30 AM every thursday it is far better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6

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    Many states that have concealed carry laws are reciprocal with other such states. I know there is a website where you can find out. I just don't know what it is. Sorry.

    Source(s): You can for sure hunt with pistols on private and most public land in any state.
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    you will desire to learn the regulations on each and every state you may struggle by way of going out of your place state to RI besides. keep in mind, while you're wearing a hid weapon, it is your accountability to be attentive to the regulations in each and every state you're status in. you could attempt the national Rifle association as a source, and notice in the event that they might supply you a state via state checklist of regulations with reference to the reciprocity. the element is, states additionally substitute those regulations each year. So, in case you propose to hold and return and forth, you will would desire to survive top of issues.

  • When in Rome...

    You would have to follow the non-home State laws.

    If you go to your States CHL website they should have a list what states honor theirs.

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