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What do you think would be a good make-up tip?

I am 13 and I want to buy some make-up. I have freckles all over my face and am just starting to get zits by my hair line. What should I do? Do you have any make-up tips? I am clueless on what to do about the foundation cause of my freckles?

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    A touch of black mascara will put the focus on your pretty eyes. A pink lipgloss will look cute. Most importantly get a tinted moisturizer, it will cover up any acne and it will even out your skintone. These three items will play up your beauty and play down any flaws you might have. Hope this helps, Good luck!

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    Well, thas a good question. just use Bare Minerals for your freckles! Bare Minerals are really good and are recommened, and for your zits, well you're 13 and of course you're gonna get zits, at this age, so thats natural, and it will go away eventually, but if you wanna stop your zits and acne right now, I prefer you use Pro-Activ, its only like $20 well hope everything works for you!

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    well as young as you are make up should not be a big worry...using natural colors are great lip gloss color would be like a glossy pink but not to much...eyeshadow you can use nice natural colrs like brownish,and foundation you just have to find a color that fits youre skin toneand for the zits yuo just got to was youre face everday and night good luck

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    dont try to cover up your freckles with your makeup or you will jst look like a barbie doll. use a spot cream to get rid of your zits. i use neutrogena and it works great!

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    i dont think that you should jump to makeup but if thats your only option then you have to know what type of skintype you have and i recoomened you go to a good makeup brand like mac and have them try out a bunch of foundations to know what type of look you would like but ohnestly everyone breaks out and you have to be careful in picking makeup because some can make you break out more than cover up and help. try nuetrogena it helps clean acne as well as cover up

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    invest in good makeup so you dont clog your pores. neutrogena has makeup that helps treat acne. it can be pricy but worth it. also department store brands like clinique are very good for your skin and wont harm your skin. also remember. less makeup= less hassle so dont overload into makeup

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