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My dog doesnt have an appetite after rabies shot

toby is my 4 months, almost 5, old yorkie. after his rabies shot at the vet, he lost his appetite for everything, even his favorite treats. he only eats minimum, like 2 or 3 times a day. i hear his stomach growling now, but is not eating anything. i am sure he is not sick or not hungry, he is just not eating. what do you think is wrong or have any idea what i should do? thanks in advance


im sorry, i forgot to include that the shots were a week ago

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    Call your vet!

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    How long has this been going on? If it has been a day or so, I wouldn't worry - he may just be a little under the weather from shots. If it's been more than a couple days, call the vet.

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    You didn't say how long ago he go this shots or if you changed his food, but sometimes shots can make them sick. I would call his vet.

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