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Im a huge Redskins fan but......

Is Chris Cooley overrated?? He's good to me but he is over hyped to me. Am i wrong?


Bills fan that is true but we have 3 rings....How many do u guys have??

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    i think cooley is a solid tight end. he might not get yards or td's like gates but hes a good target, sure hands, and a good blocker. i think he kinda flys just under the radar. hes not elite but is a dependable player and gets you the yards or catch when needed. i would take him over most tight ends. even l.j. smith and this is coming from an eagles fan.

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    As ARedskins fan myself, I don't think Cooley is over-rated. I think he is a very dependable tight end in the league but he may me a little bit under-rated in my opinion

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    What? he isn't overrated and he is a great player he hit his peak 2 years ago he was a beast just like how Dallas Clark was last year

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    no hes not over ratted players that are over rated are

    tom brady

    randy moss

    peyton manning and the list goes on but i would say that theyre the sop 3 most overrated players in the nfl

    tight ends that are overrated

    gates and gonzalez

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    Redskins = haven't beat the Bills since 1992!

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    I think he is really good. Not a ton of yardage but finds paydirt and he's great for 3rd down conversions. Go Cowboys!

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    I think he is a great TE. he is one of the better TE's in the NFL. Not quite a Jason Witten, but getting there.

  • hes good its just cuz he has that blog on yahoo so more people know about him

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    If anything I believe he's underated.

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