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The Human Genome Project

what was the impact or value placed upon the project? and why was it so important?

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    The goal of the Human Genome Project (HGP) was to identify the location and function of every human gene.

    The use of the information is far reaching as, once a gene is identified, genetic problems can also be identified. The result is that there is the possibility that genetic diseases could also be identified and potentially treated or eliminated.

    Much controversy could also surround the HGP as there are those who are afraid that knowing the genome would enable scientists to create "designer babies" or reinforce the desires of those like Hitler who sought what he described as superior and inferior races and the development of the superior and elimination of the inferior (by his definition).

    So, one must weigh the benefits and the negatives.

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    Through it, we can find which genes are in a certain protein, this way scientists can manufacture all the human proteins and find a way to give it to people without that protien. It has many uses apart form that.

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    Sounds like someone has a paper to write! Try starting here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Genome_Project

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