How will potential employers respond when I say I do not want more challenging gigs than level 1 help desk?

This is true. I do not want a position that is past level 1, maybe 1.5 help desk/support. Another way of putting it is that I don't want the expectations of a pay grade past about $18/hour. If I need to make more money, I'll do so in my tech support business on the side. Can I simply say that I like working with end users (which I do)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some employers would think that you are not industrious as you do not want to face more charllege.

    Others may think you are good because they can save your salary. They just want to have an honest man to do the routine job.

    All depends on what the potential employers looks for. There are ways to find out before the interview, by reading between the lines of the advertisement, or by asking questions in the beginning of the interview.

    Hope that help

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