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beginning hunter help plz

well i have 2 Questions one how hard is the test and would a 12 Gauge shotgun work for hunting deer and other big game

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    The test is not hard, it is all common sense and if you listen in the class, you will pass just fine. Shotguns with slugs have been used for a long long time to harvest animals. I have taken deer, hogs and black bear with them, and I know of Grizzlies taken with them as well. SHots should be kept under a maximum of 100 yards on deer (make sure you site in the shotgun on a target first so you know when it starts to drop) and under 75 yards on dangerous game, with 50 yards being the better choice. This is of course in addition to the birds etc that you normally use a shotgun for.

    Shoot safe

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    No the test is not hard.

    A shot gun with the proper loads can kill anything in North America. Anyone who thinks its for small game is out of his mind. I prefer a rifle for the range it has, but with the a rifled bore barrel, a 12 gauge can place a 300 grain .50 caliber sabot slug in a 2 inch group at 100 meters, traveling 1400fps.

    A smoth bore(what I prefer), can place a 550 grain .72 cal in a 5 inch group at 100 meters, traveling 1800fps.

    Do the math, the 12 gauge packs a lot of energy and penitration. Now consider that most of deer hunting is done in the woods, and shots are rarely beyond 50 yards, the shotgun is a great choice.

    If you feel that you need to shoot out 100 meters or more, then get a rifle(I prefer the versitile 30-06), other wise save the dough, and start hunting with a shotgun. If you do use a 12, invest in a slug barrel; the sights are rifle like, and better at aiming.

    Happy hunting.

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    The test is common sense stuff. Be sure if you need to use buckshot or slugs, but a 12 gauge should do the trick. Although if slugs ARE required, a 20 gauge would cause less meat damage. However, If you are permitted to use rifles, for deer a .243, .25-06, .270, or a .30-30 are great beginner rifles. Slap a 3-7x30mm scope on one and you're off!

    For elk, a .270 is the minimum, but a .30-06 would work great.

    For turkey, a 12 gauge with steel shot is your best bet.

    Good luck!

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    The test is really easy as long as you pay attension in the class and it is all pretty much common sense. A 12 gauge shotgun will work only if you use slugs but other wise like a 3-57 rifle would work or a 45-70 or some other kind of rifle.

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    The test is fairly easy...... A 12 gauge shotgun is perfect for deer and other game to 100 yards. A little more if you have good shooting skills and the right ammunition....

    Look this site over for some valuable info.....

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    well generally when i hunt deer i like to be in an open field where im shooting 100 yards. i would never take the shot with a 12 gauge because the slugs drop super fast so you should go out and shoot at a target to see how high your going to have to aim to get the vitals from say 50 yards

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    Get a rifle if you want to hunt deer. In my opinion shotguns are for small game and birds. I enjoy shooting with my shotgun but not when im deer hunting.

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    test is not hard, if you pay attention.

    In NJ, a shotgun is all that is permitted for hunting- so it can work

    In other locales, other weapons may be preferred, but the 12 gauge will kill deer and other big game

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    You won't have any trouble passing the test, and yes use a 12 gauge using rifled slugs for big game.*

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    The test is not hard at all, I myself wouldn't use a 12 gauge!*

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