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Algebra 1 Percents Please Help me :D

State whether each percent of change is a percent pf increase or decrease. Then find the percent of change. Round to the nearest whole percent

Original: 535


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    the formula is new minus old divided by old


    75-535 divided be 535

    so decrease by 86 perecent )(rounded)

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    regrettably there's a computer virus genuine now in Yahoo solutions that forestalls solutions from being published in the event that they incorporate a % sign in the textual content cloth. So undergo with me. the recent selection is greater than the unique selection, so hence the exchange became a % improve. The question now could be what's the % improve for something that is going from fifty 3 to seventy 5. yet differently to invite this is "fifty 3, plus what % of fifty 3, is comparable to seventy 5?" permit "p" be the proportion we are searching for. Then this sentence interprets to: fifty 3 + (p*fifty 3) = seventy 5 fixing this for p provides: p*fifty 3 = seventy 5 - fifty 3 p*fifty 3 = 22 p = 22/fifty 3 this is approximately 0.415094, which makes it approximately 40-one.5 %.

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