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Who wins between Brock Lesnar and Heath Herring?

The fight is this weekend in Minnesota. Lesnar will be more powerful and quicker. Herring has the edge in experience. What do you think?

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    They certainly aren't giving Lesnar any easy fights. Lesnar's wrestling ability, size, strength, and agility give him an advantage. Herring has the expeirence, and the K.O. power. If he were a submission guy, I'd say that he could win it. Herring is a good striker, with ability to scramble and stand when taken down. He's a good match for Lesnar, because all he CAN really do is punch. He has no takedown defense to speak of, and I think that Lesnar will pretty much hold him down for 3 rounds for the victory.

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    Cindy I is that sports dealer or some other kind of dealer? Jets to win Superbowl....yeah right. Anyway, my prediction is that Herring will beat Lesnar by submission in the second round. I know Lesnar is this powerful beast of a man but I think everyone underestimates the power of Herring. Has Heath Herring ever sparred or fought anyone with Lesnars power or wrestling ability? I think in 40 some matches he probably has tasted some heavy shots and has fought wrestlers of his caliber. He fought Emelianenko, Mark Kerr, Igor Vovchanchyn, Nogeira, etc. On the flip side there is no way Lesnar has seen power like Herring has. Herring looked way too good in his loss to Nogeira for me to think that Lesnar has the skills to win this. Lesnar is in trouble because his biggest weapon also puts him in the most danger to a guy like Mir or Herring. His bullrush going forward is just going to make him to succeptible to getting caught with something. Dana White is not doing this guy any favors that is for sure.

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    i think Lesnar did good against Mir he just made a rookie mistake and got caught in a dangerous guard i think if Lesnar explodes on Herring early it will be a 1st round TKO

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    experiences is good but when it comes to power and quikness. I pick lesnar to win this match. i can bet $ 2000 on it!!!

    Source(s): my brothers a sports dealer for 30 years....a 88% win rate on all sports! TAke notes ...he also picks chicago cubs to win this years worlds series!!! a 99.91% chance!!! and a 80% chance new york jets will win superbowl in 2009 with farve aboard!!
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    herring by sub. 2nd round

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