What is the best career to get into?

I'm starting college in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what career path I want to take and what to major in. Give me some ideas about a great career and what you had to do to achieve it.

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    The "best" career is different for everyone, and will vary greatly depending on how define the word "best". Is is money, flexible hours/telecommuting? Is it a relaxed atmosphere, or travel? Are you a history buff? Or do you just want to be able to always have a job, even in economic downturns like the current one? I am in IT. I love the autonomy I have in my job. No one micromanages. It also pays well, is not (always) tedious, and I get to work from home periodically. I went to a four-year college, got a degree, got some help with my resume and cover letter, and shopped around until I got the offer I wanted.

    I don't know that this will help you, but if you're really looking for career advice you need to determine what your interests are and be honest with yourself. I like what I do, but honestly I would give anything to work outside every day. Even in the rain.

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    Start by getting a career assessment done to find what your strengths & weaknesses are & have an undecided major for the time being, so you can take a bunch of different courses to narrow your choice down. Talk to friends & family to see what they do.

    I started as a Social Studies Education major in college.

    After working with the kids, I felt I wasn't cut out to be a teacher, so I became a Geography major. Got my BA with a minor in History, but to continue in my field, I would have had to work on my Masters or PhD. I was burnt out after 17.5yrs of school & worked various jobs around home. Was balancing ATM machines in 2003 when I got laid off, so I had to work at the local Burger King to help make ends meet.

    Don't know if it was growing up on BJ & the Bear & Smokey & the Bandit, but truck driving has called me from time to time. Long story short, applied to large company, sent me to their school & got sent home when I couldn't master what they wanted me to learn within 9days. They did tell me that if I went to a local school, got my CDL (commercial drivers license) & 6mo experience to reapply. Went to a local community college with a CDL program, passed the course with Certificate of Completion & a state issued CDL, hired on with a different large carrier, & haven't looked back. I'm not at home as often as I want to be, but I make $40,000+ per yr, have been to 48 out of the 50 states, made some great friends, & have learned what my limits are. Good luck!!!

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    Business has unlimited earning potential. If you have a specific profession and don't grow it from there, you income will be capped.

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