Why does a man need a woman's consent for a vasectomy but a woman doesn't need a mans for an abortion?

It just doesn't seem fair that the father has no decision in the life of his children if the mother decides to abort. Yet if the man wants a vasectomy the wife/partner needs to give consent. How is that fair? Do you think that there should be laws protecting a father's rights?

I don't want any "It's her body, her choice" answers because in a committed relationship situation, if a woman gets pregnant it should be up to both parents not just one.

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    Where do you live? I have never heard of that. Yes, it shows respect that the man ask his wife/partner if it is a good idea, but in the end it is his decision. This is one of the things you are suppose discuss when getting to know each other. Goal, Dreams and expectations!

  • I agree with you. It isn't fair for dads at all.

    Yeah, Denise G, your right, it isn't the same thing. When a man has a vasectomy, he is preventing future children because he doesn't want any. When a woman has an abortion, she is killing a child that already exists because SHE doesn't want it. The point is, couples should have an mutual agreement to do either.

    The thing is, It takes two to make a baby. A man can decide that he doesn't want any children and not even be in a relationship.

    A woman can end/avoid a relationship if she is with someone who doesn't want children. A man can't get his dead baby back.

    That is the difference.

    Oh yeah, and abortion CAN affect fertility. If you get an infection, there could be a risk with trying to conceive in the future.

  • Marvin
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    I have researched it a lot.

    What fool told you that a man needs his wife's consent to get a vasectomy? You should not listen to that person. He or she is not only clueless, but he or she probably does not know what a vasectomy is.

    In the USA it is illegal for the doctor to require the wife's consent under federal HIPA regulations. As far as I know such consent was never required anyplace in the USA.

    Lots of men get a vasectomy without consent. Some get them without their wife even knowing. The man only has to be 18 in all 50 states as well as Canada. As far as I know that is true in much of the industrialized world.

    I had a vasectomy when I was 21. I never had children, and I needed nobodies consent.

  • DeeGee
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    They are NOT the same at all. An abortion does not affect fertility. Meaning, she can have an abortion, but still go on to have 2, 3, 4, 10, children later.

    A man cannot have any children after a vasectomy.

    Not the same thing.

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