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I need a guitar teacher in Brooklyn NY....


I am looking for a teacher with a large variety of rock influences ranging from classic rock to heavy to even death metal. Also some blues and jazz. I am looking for a professional player with good teaching skills and a laid back attitude. I want to learn advanced harmonizing, complex sweep picking , some crazy unheard of scales and exotic techniques. Please recommend someone matching this criteria who can offer lessons for a reasonable price in Brooklyn, NY.

I am 16 and have been playing guitar for a little over a year. I've played shows with a thrash metal band and am extremely devoted to music. I play most days 6-8 hours and am already playing stuff like Technical Difficulties - Racer X. Almost all of scarified - Racer X, tornado of souls- megadeth, some of arpeggios from hell - yngwie malmsteen. I like damn near every type of music including country, folk, techno, hell even some rap. My main influences in music however are Paul Gilbert especially the work with Racer X, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Tenacious D, Dethklok, Children of Bodom, some Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica. AC/DC Guns n Roses Poison Motley Crue Marilyn Manson System of a Down Lynard Skynard Led Zeppelin Van Halen Judas Priest Black Sabbath (Dio) Symphony X Kansas, The Darkness and more. So perhaps a teacher with similar interests would be good. If you read up to this point i greatly appreciate your help and support, and your attention span. Thanks

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    I found someone to do my lessons on craigslist. There are always posts for music lessons, especially in populated areas like NYC.

    Try this here:

    If you can't find one that looks interesting, try making a post in the "Gigs" section and explain what you're looking for.

    Good luck.

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    i'm getting various pupils who come to me with comparable problems. they have hit a wall and don't be attentive to the place to pass. What I do with those pupils is to start up reviewing each and every of the open and bar chord kinds besides as extra "precis" chords. and then we overview each and every of the positions of the pentatonic substantial and minor in numerous keys. We then proceed to the diatonic substantial and minor scales in 5 positions around the neck and then transpose them into diverse keys with various styles of fingering workouts and recommendations besides as more suitable figuring out on recommendations. throughout the time of those instructions we come across recommendations of solidarity and theory as they relate to the paintings we are doing. We then flow directly to melodic and harmonic minor scales, dwindled scales, total tone scales, and all of the foremost modes applying an extremely systematic physique of concepts to applying and awareness all of those scales in appropriate harmonic context. as quickly as we've those recommendations lined we start up with arpeggios in a single, 2 and 3 octave shapes alongside with substantial seventh, minor seventh, dominant seventh, and minor7b5. those flow into harmonized triads in 3 inversions up and down the neck in numerous keys. All of this takes many months to disguise yet on the tip of all of it I easily have some very grateful and rather proficient guitarists that i'm proud to call pupils. I advise which you come across a good qualified community instructor who can instruct you effortless techniques to get away of the rut you're in and learn as long as you may with them.

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