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Is it necessary to get a coggins test if horse is located in the same state as you?

Im wondering cause i own 2 horses and both when i got them were in the same state as i was. But the sellers got the coggins test done and paided for it because i asked when purchasing them. Now im on my 3rd horse and the new seller is telling me i dont need one and its the buyers job to pay for it. But what i read online that the horse cant leave their property without one.

Just another question, how long does a coggins test take? I keep hearing 2-7 days. or a 24 hr one.


If nessicary, i live in PA. if that effects if i need the test or not.

Update 2:

Also i forgot to say that the horse is 6 months old. But i read up that if the horse is 6 months or younger with the mare mother it can be shipped. But this is only the 6 months old horse and they never bought the mother or otherwise mother is not on property(or ever came with him)

Update 3:

I know what a coggins test is and what it checks for. And the horses i bought and asked for a coggins test or they already did it. I was just checking i wasnt crazy.

Cause i know how serious it is. and i kept telling the seller im not getting it with out it. But like i said i was just checking if i was crazy or not.

Thanks all for the answers

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    It is a law that the seller pay for any coggins test. They are not suppose to be moved off of the property without one. If the horse is on a trailer and the police pull you over, they can confiscate your horse, trailer,and the vehicle pulling it. Depending on where the test is done but usually a couple of days is all.

    The seller is trying to get out of paying for the test. It is the sellers reponsibility to get the coggins test done.

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    Catherine, A Coggins test is a test that indicates whether the horse has any one of certain list of known diseases at the time the blood is drawn. The purpose of it is to ensure we are not transporting horses that can carry diseases to place where healthy horses are - thereby infecting them.

    A responsible horse owner has coggins tests done at minimum to meet the local requirements. Here in Michigan the requirement is that the horse must have a negative Coggins certificate within the past two years if it is leaving your property - whether or not the horse lives in the same state as you has no bearing.

    The first thing you must do is determine the statues in your state. The local equine vet should be able to tell you what the rules are.

    The next thing is to work out between yourself and the seller who will pay for the test. There are no common laws nor standard practices for this - it's all up to the agreeement. If the seller has mandated that he/she will not pay for the test, and it is required, it is up to you to:

    A - pay for it and have it done

    B - decide nto to buy the horse from the seller

    C- purchase the horse, neglect getting a coggins test and take your chances.

    Here's the pros and cons:

    A - if you pay for it and get it done, you have proof the horse is sound and of good health. You shouldn't be purchasing any horse without having a trusted vet check it either - many unethical sellers or even ignorant ones are out there that can really mess ya up with a poor horses. Here, they run about $25 and take a week average to get the results - I don't consider that too high a cost nor too long to wait to ensure I am making a good purchase. If I can't afford $25 to make sure the horse is in good health, I shouldn't be purchasing a horse at this time.

    B - if the seller hasn't made arrangements to work with you and does not wish to ensure with you that you are getting a sound horse and healthly horse, you should be wary of that person as a reputable seller. A person of sound ethical nature will have thought of all these things ahead of time and keeping the horse's welfare in mind will do whatever it takes to ensure the horse gets a good home. Likewise, if you encounter a seller who's abrupt, unwilling to cooperate with you and not very concerned about the horse's care after it's gone, it probably hasn't had the best of care to date. I'm not saying this seller is either type, just providing hints to help you make a good decision

    C - if you chose to not get a coggins, take the horse and transport it, be aware that you could face fines or possibly even prosecution if it is required and you have not met the requirement. Those of us with healthy horses do ensure they are healthy and remain healthy and that they will not infect other people's healthy horses.

    The reason a horse can be shipped under 6 months old with the mother is that the mother must have proof of negative coggins - at only 6 months with ties so close to the mare, the foal is unlikely to have any health issues due to communicable diseases if the mare does not.

    I hope this helps - always consider the health of the animal first - $25 isn't too much to spend

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    I rescued 2 horses 7 weeks ago and found that I used the same vet. Called the vet and he said he had never seen these two although he did service the horses for the old man. I paid for the coggins and all the shots due to the fact that the horses needed out of there. It took about 2 weeks but that was over 4 of July so the holidays may have slowed it down.

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    Im in Pa get a coggins done. Don't move that horse without a Coggins - that is just common knowledge. I know that coggins isnt a common disease but wouldnt you feel horrible if the horse your buying has it and all your other horses die because the horse is infected? Put the shoe on the other foot and think about it that way. I wouldnt ever move my horse if i didnt have one I was brought up taht way in this industry

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    It is required to have a coggins before the horse leaves its current property. The coggins tests for diseases like Equine Infectious Anemia that is incurable. These diseases can be spread from horse to horse which is why it can't leave the property without one. I'm not sure of the exact laws for who pays for it, but I think its just common courtesy for the seller to pay for it. I just sold my appaloosa and I covered the cost. If the seller refuses to pay the back out of the sale and tell her you're not buying the horse unless she gets it done and pays for it.

    For the vet to take the blood for the test it only takes a few minutes but it usually takes about 7 days for the vet to send it to the lab and get it back. The only way it would be 24 hours is if the vet you use does the lab tests themselves.

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    DO NOT take a horse without a current Coggins. ALL horses are required to get a coggins test anually. It doesn't matter what state you're in. As for who pays for it, I would think the horse should already have a current one, so it would be the seller paying for it, but if they insist you pay for it, then sobeit. Be careful they're not trying to scam you out of a free coggins for their horse and then not sell it to you. It's VERY strange that they're telling you the horse doesn't need one.

    And yeah, it's usually 2-7 days. I usually get mine back within 4.

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    I agree with Amy. Do not accept a horse without a current Coggins. You could expose the horses you already have to EIA. So the seller saying you don't need one is bunk unless they just had one done.

    Its my experience, I usually get results back in about a week.

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    I live in Alabama, and here the buyer does get the coggins. The seller is not required to. But you need to find out for your state.

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    Yes it is necessary

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