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If the world hates the United States so much why dont they do something about it??

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    we are not hated. I would say admired.

    Its the little fellas that hate.

    Now look at China. China is a great nation, they don't hate us, and they wont take any crap from us. I like that.

    Look at Iran, they hate us and they are so small they will try to hurt us back door style.

    They wont just step up to the plate for the whole world to see. They will sneak around like a rodent.

    If China wanted to do something they would step right up to the plate. But not a insigificant place like Iran.

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    I dont think the whole world hates us, we do have allies and obviously enemies. Some countrys who hate us dont do anything about it because they are scared or they don have the means to, or consider this they just might.

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    so....if I hate country music I should do something about it?

    Waste of time / 10

    I got better things to do

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    because america is such a large source of amusement for the rest of the world, why do something about it if it means we wont get to laugh at u.s.a any more?.... besides its not really important enough to be worth the effort lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because just as we are hated, we are needed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because they are weak pathetic jealous ungrateful hateful fools.

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    What, like what we did in Iraq? Like what we did with hiroshima and nagasaki? Where are you going with this? Are you asking them to "step up"? Are you going to fight them, cause I'm not. I think they have reasons to hate us, I'm moving to canada one day.

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    Like what? Butt into other countries affairs like we do?

    Source(s): Iraq war
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