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Scolios of the spine?

I'm 14 and i've had scoliosis for years now, since we discovered.

my dad said i was born like that, but i'm not sure that is possible.

are there any ways i can improve my spine than getting surgery?

sitting up straight, etc.

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    Sitting up straight won't correct your curve either. A brace may help if your curve is in the right range.

    I've posted the following a few times for other people with questions. I hope I'll answer the things that have you concerned.

    Scoliosis comes mainly in two flavors - functional (the curve is caused by another issue (uneven leg length for example) and structural. There are two main kinds of structural scoliosis - congenital (present at birth) and idiopathic (unknown cause). It is important for you to know what kind you have.

    If you have functional scoliosis, a chiropractor may be able to help. Shoe lifts may help with uneven legs, but there can be many causes of functional scoliosis. I don't have much experience with functional scoliosis.

    If you have structural scoliosis, there's not a lot you can do. The main treatments depend on how bad the curve is and how much more growth you have to go. Its not possible to predict how much or how fast a curve may increase.

    You need to see a scoliosis specialist if you're not doing that already. A doctor that is not trained as a scoliosis specialist doesn't have the expertise to treat it.

    Any curve under 10 degrees is considered normal and probably isn't monitored.

    Curves from 10-25 degrees are mild but should be monitored, especially if you're still growing.

    Curves from 25-40 degrees are moderate with bracing possible. You will need monitoring, especially if you're still growing.

    Surgery may be recommended if your curve doesn't respond to bracing. Bracing will do no good if you're through growing. The purpose of a brace isn't to make your curve better, but rather to keep the curve from becoming worse.

    Curves greater than 45 degrees is major. Surgery may be recommended. This depends on many things, but whether you're done growing, whether your curve is increasing, whether your heart and lungs are in danger of being squeezed by your curve, whether you're in pain, quality of life, etc.

    If your curve is over 30 degrees, there is a good chance that it will increase even when you're through growing. (Mine did.)

    Unfortunately, nothing can *fix* idiopathic scoliosis. Surgery can keep the curve from getting worse, and in most cases, will reduce the curve but most likely your spine won't be straight (unless you are very flexible in the area to be fused, then you might be lucky).

    Chiropractors, message therapists, acupuncturists, etc., can't fix idiopathic scoliosis. These people adjust the soft, connective tissues and that may (or may not, you can't tell ahead of time) make you feel better, but remember, idiopathic scoliosis is not a connective tissue disease. Your spine is growing curved.

    Source(s): I had my scoliosis detected in 7th grade and wore a Milwaukee brace from 8th grade until my freshman year in college. I was borderline on whether to have surgery or not so it was decided not to do it. Over the years, my curve increased so I had my spine fused at age 39.
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    I'm sorry to hear you have Scolios and no, there isn't a simple way of improving your spine. Since your 14 though, it's probably good if you get surgery. You're dad is right, you were born that way.

    This site might help you.

    Talk about this with your parents.

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    i have the same problem

    i went to a physical therapist for about a year and they did yoga with me.

    sitting up straight wont really help but it will prevent the scoliosis from getting any worse.

    pilates in the morning or stretching can improve your posture which can help you in the long run.

    i hope i helped [:

    Source(s): btw im 13
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    scoliosis normally forms while you are being formed inside your mother. many times, these conditions are over looked.

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    you can get a back brace which will pull it back into place. you should go to a doctor

    Source(s): I have scoliosis too
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