I don't know who would accept me...?

I was homeschooled my junior year, and I'm spending my senior year taking classes at community college. Not trying to sound conceited, but I'm sure I'll get all A's. I'll have enough college credits to skip freshman year at a university so I'll be considered a transfer student.

My SAT score was 1880 when I took it my sophomore year, but I'm sure that it'll be at least 2000 when I retake it this fall. I know that my math and read/writing skills have improved over the last two years.

I'm thinking about applying to Ohio State, Penn State, and/or Pitt. Am I reaching too high? Or am I not reaching high enough? Will the homescooling be looked down on?

I'm going to talk to a councilor about it, but on my school's website it says that you need know what colleges you want to go to before you even make an appointment with the councilor.

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have faith in yourself.I know how you feel. Untill we receive a letter from them, we won't know if we made it. :)

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