Will we still be able to talk?

Well this year at my middle school (8th grade) there are teams and they split the grade up into 2 teams so like theres 100 kids on 1 team and 100 kids on the other team and on each team they have an english teacher, s.s. teacher, math teacher, and science teacher. Well this year a lot of my friends (like 15) are on one team and me and one of my friends are on the other team. Also my friend's crush and my crush are on the other team. Last year they were on our team...and we talked to them a little bit. So now that they are on the other team, how can we talk to them? (They are popular and I'm pretty sure they know we like them...they might get annoyed with us I'm not sure) But see my crush has an AIM and I've talked to him on it like 2 times. And yesterday I called him and asked him what team he was on and he didn't hang up like usually...(probably though because I actually told him it was me! lol) And he told me he was on the other team and stuff. But anyway how do we still get to talk to them? We can't talk to them in the hallway because of the teams and stuff and I wont have any of those classes with him (s.s., english, science, math). He still could be in my explo classes (ex: art, music, gym) but I don't know. I also don't want to call him but I have no idea how I can still talk to him!

Please don't be rude, I asked this earlier and some1 was very rude to me.

And also, I mean me and my friend would call and he would start talking and we were too afraid to say it was us so he'd hang up or we'd talk in a weird voice but if i talk normal and say its me then he talks.

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    I am very sorry, I feel really bad, but why don't you just talk to him at lunch or try to change teams, would that work?

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