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Please Answer my Questions?!?!?!? I NEED HELP!~!

Ok, So my bday is coming up and if you've answered my questions b4, u know ive wanted a new gaming console. So I have a small regular not plasma or hd or flat screen tv. Its like 9"s. My Xbox works on it but i have a few questions. Should i get a Wii,360,PS2 or PS3? im not getting a new tv now but i will later. WHAT CONSOLE WOULD LOOK, WORK AND SOUND BEST ON MY TV????

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    The Nintendo Entertainment System. (Your parents help you hook it up.)

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    Get either a ps2 or 360.

    Newer model consoles sometimes are not compatiable with tvs.

    but if you get a new tv later, get either a wii or ps3 or 360

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