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I'm tired of the waiting game with a guy?

Everyone's saying, "Wait for true love; It'll come to you when you least expect it." I've been waiting for some years now and it hasn't happened yet. The question I'm asking is:"Does it even exist?" I'm getting very furstrated because of this and on top of that, I'm lonely; Extremely lonely. Another thing, Someone has to be looking inorder to find true love. It's a very hard feeling when you see someone in a realationship and your not in one yourself. It's not a need that I be in a realationship, but I want too; Really want too because it'll make me happy. I'll be in 20 years old in 2 days and my wish was to find true love or some kind of love before my birthday.


Sigh, I've been waiting and I'm tired of waiting; I can't stop worrying about it either.

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    You foolish romantic, you.

    It will keep on hurting and you will keep on yearning. Happens to all of us. Sometimes we delve into our own sorrows too much and forget to look out the window. I do not believe in the "wait" then again guys don't get chicks by sitting in the house and hoping one falls from the sky into our laps.

    You should try going out a little even if it is something as dull as food shopping or registering the car at the Department of Motor and Vehicles. Anything to go out a little. When you do go out, bring your smile with you. Look at people around you. Maybe someone out there is just feeling like you and waiting to make contact.

    Good Luck =) !

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    True love isn't just something that happens over night, it takes time. Don't go around looking for true love because you just won't get it. eg. if you go out to a bar with a friend a man is more likely to be attracted to a woman who looks like she can have a good time rather than a woman who looks like she's moping around. Then when you eventually do meet someone, don't rush things or seem desperate. My advice is go out and have fun with friends and true love will come, dont depress yourself waiting for it. You're still young and have plenty of time to find Mr Right. xx

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    Believe me I know how you feel. Atleast you are only 19 about to be 20. I'm 29 about to be 30, so I know how you feel. I believe true love exist I just haven't found it yet. I hope I do, one day soon.

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    No you don't look for love. It is not something you seek out. You are only 20. Be patient, it will be well worth the wait.

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    i hope you find some one who loves you for you mabe tomorro will be the day i realy hope you find your true love iam looking also teel me when you find your true love k fallow your heart it will guide you

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    maybe you'll get it at 20. you will never know

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