Bought a used Macbook Pro French edition; Can I change the keys around?

The A,Q,M,X, and W keys are mixed up. I have changed the computer over to English, but the keys are now in the wrong place for the QWERTY computer. Can i just pop off the keys or what?


it's not the hardware, it's the physical placement of the keys on the keyboard. instead of QWERTY it says AZERT on the first line and QSDFG on the second.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It really depends. The characters that show on screen are not dependent on the key, but rather their placement on the keyboard's thin circuitsheet inside. When you press the keys in the first row (regardless of what the face says) do they type out QWERTY like an english keyboard? If so, you can certainly switch the keys around to the right place. If not, it's a hardware setting, and since it's a laptop you can't switch keyboards.

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