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How can I get rid of the bottle?

My son is going to be 2 in November and will not get rid of the bottle. I have tried every kind of sippy cup I can find and nothing. He will take from a sippy but prefers his bottle. He will scream and cry and hit until you give him his bottle. He and my daughter are different as night and day. On my daughters first birthday (shes 5 now) we took the bottle away and that was that, she didnt care. My thinking is it is because she had her binky. My son would never take one. But he carrys his blankie around like its his best friend. I have been trying to get it aw ay since he was a year old. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...

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    Well, it's going to take strong will power from you. You say that he will take a sippy, so you can start with one of those with the soft tips similiar to the bottle. Since it seems that you keep going back to the bottle, I would suggest cleaning up ALL your bottles and giving them to GoodWill. If you plan to have another baby, then clean the bottles and pack them in a box. Take that box to friend's house that is NOT near by. That way, they are simply not in your house, so you can't give-in and get a bottle for him.

    You'll probably come across some resistence to eating all together, but he'll get hungry and start taking the sippy. Also, at this point in time, he should be at the table eating solids with everyone as well.

    Hope this helps

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  • I could not give you a good answer to this question. Maybe because my daughter is only 3 months and I have yet to experience these problems. No worrie however, this could be much worse!!

    I'd personally say get rid of the bottles all together. Ofcourse it will be hell the first week but you have to make sacrifice. No sacrifice, no benefit. Keep the nuby sippy cup it is sooo much like the bottle I really don't see the difference.

    Another suggestion is this culutral try. I hear the Latin American culture uses hot sauce as a last resort. I personally know one person who has tried it. It took about 4 bottles and very little sauce for her son to hate the bottle. I hope this works.

    Best of luck! God Bless.

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    Throw the bottles away and just stick with the sippy cup. By throwing the bottles out and directing your son's attention to something else to drink out of will be best for him. It's an out of sight, out of mind thing. When he does drink out of a cup, praise him a lot. Make a big deal out of it and I'm sure he will continue doing well by drinking out of a cup. He's getting confused and needs consistency.

    Source(s): Raised my 2 sons alone since they were 2 and 4 years old.
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    I had this same problem. I finally found a sippy cup with a longer spout. I found it at Babies R Us. It's called an Avent transition cup. You maybe able to find them at Kroger or Wal-Mart. My son took this cup and never looked at a bottle again.

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    maybe you could have him help you pack up all of his "baby" toys such as rattles and things and tell him he gets "big boy" toys now. Suggest to him that he put his bottle in there also so he can become a big boy.

    I wasnt that nice when I was trying to vreak my daughter. I got rid of all the bottles except one and convinced her to throw it out the window one day when we were in the car. I blamed the lost bottle on her and things weren't bad. Unless you count the guilt my daughter had and the littering...hey it worked.

  • Just take it away be consistent and don't give in yes he will throw a fit and let him a couple of times of him realizing that you aren't going to give into it he will stop and take the sippy. Its going to be hard but it just has to be done. Good luck to you!

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    i know this sounds mad but apparently it works....say that there are other children that need bottles, and as he is such a big boy would he like to help,, then take all his bottles and put them somewhere (under a tree in the garden) let him help, and say that in the morning the tree fairy would leave him a little gift to say thankyou . then buy him a small gift he would like and leave it for him to find following day. i've heard this works with binkys and bottles......

    hopefully this will work for you, good luck.

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    I guess you don't have to force you son to stop drinking milk in bottle he just get rid of it in time. But if you really want him to get rid of it try to compare him to other children at his age. Tell him that other kids at his age did not drink in bottle anymore and that he might loose his teeth if he keeps in nibbling his bottle. Stuff like that. But it's best that you wont force him to stop bottle feeding unless he reaches 3 and start going to a preschool.

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    You can either just take it away cold-turkey or gradually wean him from it. My daughter will be two next week and she still uses a bottle at bedtime and sometimes nap time. I found this article that may help you.

    Scroll down to #4.

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