Can you explain the following using a property of liquids?

A very cold glass of iced tea forms water droplets on the outside of the glass.

A very light bug can walk on the water without falling in.

Water rises in a straw when inserted in a glass.

Water beads on a waxed car.

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    1) Condensation

    2) Surface tension of the water

    3) Capillary Action

    4) Water is polar and wax is non-polar, so the wax forces the water to form droplets

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    1. COld glass causes condensation of humidity in the air forming water droplets.

    2. Surface tension - of the water allows bug to walk on top

    3. Water pressure causes the water to rise n the straw.

    4. Surface tension causes the water to bead

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    1..Water vapour in the air is cooled and condensed on the glass.

    2..The 'Surface Tension' of the water will counteract the mass of the bug.

    (A sewing needle can be floated on water due to the same property).

    3..The Pressure Outside the straw acting on the surface of the water in the glass is equal to that of the inside of the straw. The water levels inside and outside will therefore equalise.

    (Hold your thumb over the top of the straw as you insert it into the water. You'll see that very little water will enter the straw as the internal pressure will increase slightly, holding the water back).

    4..The wax causes the water to 'bead' due to having different 'Cohesive' and 'Adhesive' properties to those of water.

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